Author: Carolien Hermans

Mindfulness gebaseerde aandachtstraining voor studentenMindfulness gebaseerde aandachtstraining voor studenten

8 seconden. Dat is onze aandachtsboog. Het is nog minder dan die van een goudvis. Tussen 2000 en 2014 is de gemiddelde aandachtsspanne gezakt van 12 seconden naar 8 seconden[1].  Dat is slecht nieuws. 12 seconden was al niet veel maar 8 seconden is echt beroerd. Die 8 seconden zegt vooral iets over hoe lang […]

De explorerende dialoogDe explorerende dialoog

Een aantal jaren geleden maakte ik kennis met Mark, een tienjarige jongen met klassiek autisme. Ik herinner me Mark als een jongen met een rigide denkstructuur, mechanisch taalgebruik (vlak, monotoon, luidsprekerachtig) en een houterige motoriek. Zijn bewegingen waren stijf en hoekig en er zat weinig flow, doorstroming en ontspanning in zijn beweging. Ook had hij […]

Play Fight FestPlay Fight Fest

Play Fight Fest: 13-16 June 2019 Présilly, France Matteo Tangi Lineage Playfight is a ‘blend of play, mindfulness and conscious fight. A practice to create deep connection by safely using strength and welcoming our emotions’ (Matteo Tangi). The purpose of playfight is connection. Connection with yourself, the other playfighter(s), the circle, the space and the surrounding world. I […]

Five elements of the enactive accountFive elements of the enactive account

Most theories on subjectivity look to social cognition from a representationalist point of view (Fuchs & De Jaegher, 2009). Models such as theory of mind, theory theory or simulation theory[1]all state that the mental state of other people cannot be directly observed and therefore our mind-reading abilities have to rely on common sense or folk-psychological […]

MTD WorkshopMTD Workshop

In March 2018, I give a dance improvisation to eleven first-year dance students (six male students and five female students), at the University of the Arts, Modern Theatre Dance department. Rough and Tumble Play (R & T play) forms the main starting point. Dancers:  Alberto Quirico, Björn Bakker, Lian Frank, Lucie Rutten, Oriane Gidron, Jente Witvrouwen, Simon Lelièvre, Fons Dhossche, Catarina Paiva, Laura Costa, Oscar […]

Rough and TumbleRough and Tumble

In my artistic research I explore and analyse the differences and similarities between children’s physical play events and improvisational dance. I have found the term participatory sense-making useful in understanding the underlying mechanisms of both dance improvisation and children’s physical play since both activities seem to invest in creative activities, relational dialogues and embodied meanings. […]

間 In-Between間 In-Between

Ma (間) is a Japanese word which can be roughly translated as “in-between”, “gap”, “space”, ” pause” or “the space between two parts, sounds, objects or movements”. In Japanese, ma, the word for space, suggests interval. It is best described as a consciousness of place, not in the sense of an enclosed three-dimensional entity, but rather the simultaneous awareness […]

The mindful body and the bodily mindThe mindful body and the bodily mind

Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness are often seen as individual practices that take place inside the body-mind. At first instance it is hard to imagine how both practices resonate with the enactive approach, and specifically with Hanne De Jaegher and Ezequiel Di Paolo’s concept of participatory sense-making.  In this blog I want to clarify that relationship.  Although […]

The Enactive Account and Participatory Sense-MakingThe Enactive Account and Participatory Sense-Making

Introduction The term “enactivism” was first coined by Francisco Varela and colleagues in the 1990s. It stands for an emerging set of ideas that take the dynamic interaction of an acting organism with its environment as the central starting point (Paolo et al. 2010).The enactive account challenges the traditional idea of a representational mind. In […]