ADiE Stockholm

Artistic Doctorates in Europe: RESEARCHING (IN/AS) MOTION

Research intensives for artistic researchers and doctoral candidates in dance and body based performance.

March 19-23, 2018
Hosted by Stockholm University of the Arts at DOCH and Weld

I took part in this research intensive that consisted each day of a morning practice circle, walking/talking, practice session, research practice and open PhD exchange.

Some notes:
* We discussed the three anchors of artistic doctorate research: the artistic process, documentation and knowledge production (= the framing through language or imagery). Documentation is more then the representation of the research process, it has its own experiental nature. It holds itself, it becomes an animated thing that points to itself as well as to that which it documents upon. 

*The complicated relationship between language/text (as a distinct thing) and dance (that is always in the process of articulation). And then again moving from language to the oral (to speech). To distantiate oneself, to detach, to leave behind. Even to mourn (Chrysa Parkinson). 

* The notion of adequacy (Paula Kramer)
Question: What is adequate in the context of each of our artistic research projects? We did an exercise where we mould our research process into clay. In the next phase we drew a geographical map of our research process. 


In the next phase I gave the map to another person who was asked to walked outside with the map in her hand, as a geographical drawing. This person was then asked to write down her experience:

* Each morning I joined in the morning practice circle. It was fascinating to see how easily we are drawn into play. Objects and materials, such as a table, offer possibilities for play. These objects/materials can be seen as affordances that guide and direct us into play.


Keywords: vitality affects, intensity and levels of engagement,  serious attention to having fun, release of energy, a sharpness, beging directed to, orientation (through rules), orientation both to the inside and to the outside.

*On one of these morning I engaged in a (small) duet with Paula Guzzanti. Suddenly I became aware of the notion of synchrony, rhythm and attunement within play. In other words: through play we synchronise our movements and we sense the same kind of flow/rhythm.

See the small excerpt below:


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