Amsterdam University of the Arts

Embodiment in Arts Education – Teaching and learning with the body in the Arts

Together with Melissa Bremmer, I organised a symposium 12 december 2015 at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Central theme of the symposium was embodied  teaching practices in dance and music.

From left to right: Shaun Gallager, Melissa Bremmer, Luc Nijs, Jaco van den Dool, Eeva Antilla, and me
Photography: Laura Kool

Keywords : multimodal learning,  ‘sensory attunement’, participatory sense-making, embodiment, enactivism, the role of intersensory experiences in learning. 

Organising partners: The Arts and Culture Education Research Group, the Music Lectorate, the Art Education Master’s degree program and the Music in Education (ODM) program at the Amsterdam University  of the Arts.

In this symposium I gave a performance lecture ‘Of Movements and Affects: Dance Improvisation as a Participatory Sense-Making Activity’ together with Sarah Abicht and Maxine van Lishout (students Modern Theatre Dance).

Link to the paper: LectureAHK

Link to the lecture performance:





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