Lecture ENCODS

Invited Lecture, Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz, 5-6 July 2018, ENCODS

The 21st century has been named the “Century of the Mind”. With two feet in the new millennium, the next generation of neuroscientists experiences exciting times. ENCODS 2018 is a pioneer conference, which creates a space for young doctoral researchers to engage with the use of technologies in neuroscience.

I was part of the Science & Society Session, together with Luc Nijs and Kalina Bertin. 

Goal of the session was to inspire neuro-scientists to reflect on how their own research can be incorporated into society. The Science & Society Session, entitled “Methods of an Embodied Mind” focused on sociological, philosophical and artistic applications of neuroscience, specifically the relationship between mind and body.  Curated and moderated by Dr. Lindsay Petley-Ragan, the panel  investigated the specific theme of embodied cognition as it relates to virtual reality, dance, mental illness and music. The session included e a discussion with Kalina Bertin (Montreal, CAN), Carolien Hermans (Amsterdam, NL), and Luc Nijs (Ghent, BEL). 

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