Affect Resonance 1

Dance improvisation of Paula Ferreira, July 2018, Dublin/Ireland.

 I met Paula in Stockholm and Chichester at the ADiE research intensives. I asked her to re-enact the hotel-dance of my daughter (Lisa).

I only used the photographs (and not the video) of the hotel-dance as source material for the dance improvisation.

The assignment was like this: ‘look at the pictures first, choose 3 to 4 images that resonate or appeal to you (in whatever way, you don’t have to explain this, the resonance can be entirely on an affective non-linguistic level) and then you try to recapture the energy, the vitality affects, or just something that grabs you and takes you along. It’s quite important that you don’t think to much about it, so that the body and the affects it produces guide you. The comment can/should be quite short, since I am mostly interested in your initial embodied response’. 

Underneath you see footage of the first dance improvisation. I first looked into physical similarities, in terms of shape and outer appearance. 

First you see the image, then you see Paula’s response.

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