Dance Impro Group 1 (MTD)

Dance improvisation with first year students Modern Theatre Dance, University of the Arts in Amsterdam. I used the photo and video material of the work with the four boys as a starting point. The dance students worked in three groups and were asked to revisit play by choosing three/four pictures of the boys and to make a dance improvisation around these pictures. If they choose for a picture with only two boys, they could fill in the  third person.

March 2018
Dancers:  Alberto Quirico, Björn Bakker, Lian Frank, Lucie Rutten, Oriane Gidron, Jente Witvrouwen, Simon Lelièvre, Fons Dhossche, Catarina Paiva, Laura Costa, Oscar Valenza 

Group 1: Björn Bakker, Alberto Quirico, Lian Frank

Photography and Video: Carolien Hermans





See below a video of the dance footage:


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