Drawings – Some Exercises

Drawing In Three

The players all have a piece of drawing paper in front of them. At the top of the paper everyone draws a head with eyes, nose, mouth and everything that one likes about it. The more the better. A neck is drawn underneath. Now the paper is folded so that there is just a piece of neck to see, but nothing more of the head. The paper is then passed on to the neighbour.  Everyone has drawn a paper with a head of someone else on it, but the others don’t know what it looks like. Only the small piece of neck indicates where the body should be drawn. It is now time to draw the torso. This can be the torso  a man, a woman or a child, an animal or even an alien. There must be indicated with a few lines where the legs should come. After this the player folds the paper so that the only the outer lines are visible. Now the paper is passed on again and on the last piece finally comes the bottom, the legs or whatever supports the creature.  Everyone who is ready folds his paper and passes it on for the last time. Now it is time to open up the papers.


Creativity test: Incomplete Figure

You have three minutes to add lines to the figures below to make pictures out of them. Try to tell a story with your pictures.



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