Hieronder vind je een lijst van mijn publicaties, geordend naar thema:

Dance improvisation:

Dance education:

  • Hermans, C. (2010). Ik tik eenmaal. Jij tikt eenmaal. Ik tik tweemaal. Jij tikt niet. Danswetenschap in Nederland, 6, 113-120. IkTikEenmaalORIGINAL
  • Hermans, C. (2012). Show, don’t tell: imiterend leren in dansonderwijs. Cultuur+Educatie, 35, 38-55.Show dont tell
  • Hermans, C. (2013). Shall we dance? On a bright cloud of music shall we fly? Danswetenschap, 7, 97-105. Shall we dance

Dance and Disability:

  • Hermans, C. (2016). Differences in Itself: Redefining Disability through Dance. Social Inclusion, 4(4), 160–167. DOI: 10.17645/si.v4i4.699. SocialInclusionCH
  • Hermans, C., Wichman, S, & Kool, J. (2017/2018). Conversation in Movement. To be published in Contact Quaterly, 43, #1. ConversationInMovement1
  • Hermans, C. (2017/2018.) Of the animal body: transforming the notion of disability through different readings of touch, prosthetic devices and contact improvisation. To be published in Cambridge Scholar Press. TouchDisabilityCI
  • Hermans, C. (2016). Let’s dance: fostering kinesthetic interaction in boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the age of 8-10. Unpublished doctoral dissertation. Utrecht: University of Utrecht. ProefschriftSept2016Artistic