Affect Resonance 2

Dance improvisation of Paula Ferreira, July 2018, Dublin/Ireland. 

In Affect Resonance 1 you see how I ordered the material in terms of similarities between Lisa’s hotel dance and Paula’s dance improv in terms of shape, form and outer appearance. However, this didn’t feel right. Foremost, because I was still thinking too much in form, in outer shape while in fact I was interested in the transposition of energy, intensities and affective resonance.

Underneath you find two selected movement fragments, one of Lisa’s hotel dance, and the other of Paula’s dance impro. Although there is no (identical) resemblance in form/shape, I do believe that intensity, energy and affects are transposed or passed on from Lisa to Paula.

First you  see a fragment of Paula’s dance, and then a fragment of Lisa’s hotel dance.


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