Fortnite (produced by gamestudio Epic) is an immense popular shooting game, with 50 million gamers worldwide, mainly in the age of 13 to 17 years old. It’s free to play, it’s a battle royal game (a multi-player game that can handle many players in a confined map), it’s got humour, it combines elements of shooter games with building games, it’s very youth friendly and has a wide social media scene.

The objective is to be the last one left standing at the end of the match. However, the victory dances have become one of the most favourite parts of the game. They have even reached the status of a cult phenomenon.  The dances of Fortnite are fun because they refer to almost a century of pop culture and make connections between hip-hop and street dance, horror films and old TV-comedies. The Basic Dance for example comes from an episode of Scrubs during Season 5 of the show. Ride the Pony is inspired by the Gangnam Style. Take the L is taken from the movie IT which was  an adaptation of a Stephen King book. The Floss mimicks the Backpack Kid (Russell Horning) when he appeared on stage with Katy Perry during an American TV show.

Luuk (14 years) is a fan of the Fortnite games and knows pretty much all the moves. In the video beneath he performs several Fortnite dances.

Video and editing: Carolien Hermans
Performer: Luuk Scheers
27th of June, 2018, Amsterdam


Auvergne/France, 6th of August 2018
Lisa and Luuk Scheers






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