Play Fight Fest

Play Fight Fest: 13-16 June 2019
Présilly, France

Matteo Tangi Lineage

Playfight is a ‘blend of play, mindfulness and conscious fight. A practice to create deep connection by safely using strength and welcoming our emotions’ (Matteo Tangi). The purpose of playfight is connection. Connection with yourself, the other playfighter(s), the circle, the space and the surrounding world.

I am part of the Playfight Fest in France, Présilly. It is my first time that I  join a Playfight fest and I don’t quite know what to expect. From what I have found on Matteo’s site it seems to resonate well with my own artistic research, as 

  • Playfight aims to establish a deep connection with self and others – and therefore can be seen as a participatory sense-making activity;
  • Playfight combines play, fight and mindfulness. Play as a way to attune to inner resources, to connect with the child in ourselves. Conscious fight as a way to awaken the intelligence of the body. Mindfulness as a way to give and share attention in deeper ways.  
  • Playfight is a personal journey and a tribal experience. Individual sense-making and shared sense-making go hand in hand.

For me, it is a intense, unique experience:

A very special experience that sticks to me. I feel that this, here, matters. That this here is our humanity. I feel  how my emotions are connected to the body, to the others, and to the breathing.The breathing helps me to get closer, it helps me to get to shadow places inside of me, it helps me to create passages so that the frozen energy inside me becomes a stream, a flow, a river. It is a vitalizing source, one that needs no language because it taps into a deeper stream of consciousness. A little treasure.


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