Shapeshifting in between land and sea: the butterfly-man and the gorilla- girl

Shapeshifting is the ability of a being or creature to transform its physical form or shape.

The most common form of shapeshifting  is that of therianthropy, which is the transformation of a human being into an animal or conversely, of an animal into human form.

Strange things happen in the space where land meets sea. This tiny in-between space is a transformative space. New organisms are born in this in-between space. And not only that. Human bodies need to adapt  in order to survive in this zone that is no longer land but not yet water either.

First example: the butter fly man



Here below you will find examples of transitionary states: wings are not yet closely attached to the body, they are still separated. The pictures provide clear examples of bodies that are  in an early stage of transformation.

Second example: the gorilla girl

I also discovered another type of transformation, that again takes place in the space in between land and sea. This time, the hair of the girls starts to grow over the face, as a form of protection against the strong wind and the salty water.




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