Traces of Touch 1

Traces of Touch 1

In this experiment I try to capture traces of touch; how the fingers knead the clay, how they press themselves into matter.  As Sarah Christie (a sculptural artist) writes: ‘to explore the traces and expressions of touch, recording and materializing imprints and passages formed by touch in movement'(

‘To touch is to ‘encounter a surface, a contour. To touch is to feel the perceived limits of my contours, my surfaces, my body in relation to yours. To touch is to expand these contours, creating new perimeters’ (Manning, 2007, p.13).

‘Touch is a relational movement that includes both ‘potential and actual physical points of contacts’ (Manning, in Pethybridge, 2014, p.183).

‘Touch is not graspable as a stable concept. The only thing we can grasp, momentarily, are touch’s inventions’ (Manning, 2007, p.xiv).

First experiment:
Lisa Scheers and Lotte van der Valk, playing with clay, 9th of February 2019, Amsterdam


Second experiment:
I am playing with clay, 12th of February 2019, Amsterdam

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