Carolien Hermans is the founder and artistic leader of 間 In-Between Lab.

The lab serves as a platform, a meeting point for thinkers, creative practitioners, dancers/performers and children. The artistic research activities take place in a local as well as international context.

Carolien Hermans (1969, NL) is a writer, a choreographer, a yoga teacher, a researcher, a mother, a runner, a photographer, and a taurus who teaches with great pleasure at the University for the Arts in Utrecht and the Conservatory of Amsterdam. She is also affiliated to the University of Leiden, Academy of Creative Performing Arts (ACPA), where she is doing an artistic PhD research entitled ‘Dance and Play: A Comparison between Children’s Physical Play Events and Dance Improvisational Practice’.

She studied Orthopedagogy at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, left with a cum laude diploma and settled in Amsterdam where she continued her lifetime passion: dancing. After completing the Master choreography, she worked for several years as a performer and choreographer. Nowadays she combines this with teaching and doing research. Themes she is currently engaged with: children’s play, dance improvisation, ecological pedagogy, body-mind connection (yoga / mindfulness) and embodied cognition. 

Curriculum vitae: CVCarolienHermans